Solar Terrestrial Data

SFI: 158 SN: 113
A-Index: 3 K-Index: 1
Updated: 28 Mar 2023 1455 GMT

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DXCC: Sov. Mil. Order of Malta
Zone: 15

Starting from Jan 2007 a new Amateur Radio Station license has been issued from the SMOM, The Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The license is hold from the S.M.O.M. and its managing is in charge to Giorgio IZ4AKS. The first activity of this station will be from the extraterritorial zone of the Magistral Villa on the Aventine hill in Rome. The operators are IZ4AKS, IZ4DPV, I4UFH, IK4UPB and IW0DJB (HV5PUL). Activity will cover from 2m to 160m, SSB/CW/RTTY mode. Three stations will be active at same time, DX areas, as Japan, South America and West coast, especially on lowest bands will be empathized. QSL MANAGER: IZ4DPV.

Cluster spots