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09.04.2006 16.04.2006 TA
  • TA4/SM1TDE
Eric, SM1TDE. He will also try to go and operate as TA0/SA1A from a couple of IOTA groups (AS-099 and AS-115).
01.04.2006 22.04.2006 TA
  • TA3J/0
Rat Island (AS-115) by Berkin, TA3J.
26.04.2006 01.05.2006 TA
  • TB0DX
Kosrelikas Island (AS-123) by Pavel TA2ZAF (OK1MU), Karel OK1DG, Slavek OK1TN, Ondra OK1CDJ, Vasek OK1DAA, Zdenek OK1FIA and Mirek OK2VZE. This island will be activated for the first time in history. QSL via OK2GZ.
23.04.2006 01.05.2006 TA
  • TA0/WA2KBZ
Buyukada Island (AS-123) by Karl, WA2KBZ.
30.05.2006 30.06.2006 TA
  • TC150HP
Bekir, TA2RX. Activity is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Turkish railways and the 100th anniversary of Haydar Pasha train station.
11.06.2006 28.06.2006 TA
  • YM3CC
Camille, LX1CC.
09.09.2006 15.09.2006 TA
  • TA4/KH0DQ
20.10.2006 25.10.2006 TA
  • TA0/OK3AA
  • TA0/OK1XV
Lale Island (AS-099) by Milan/OK3AA and Josef/OK1XV.
11.11.2006 26.11.2006 TA
  • TA3J/0
Rat Island (AS-115, MIA MTC-099) by Berkin, TA3J.
30.12.2006 11.01.2007 TA
  • TA4/GI4FUE
Charlie, GI4FUE.
04.03.2007 06.03.2007 TA
  • YM0DX
Bozcaada Island (AS-099) by Pavel/OK1MU, Slavek/OK1TN, Standa/OK1AU, Zdenek/OK1FIA, David/OK1RK, Karel/OK1DG and Vlada/OK1CW. QSL via OK2GZ.
07.03.2007 11.03.2007 TA
  • TC0DX
Gokceada Island (EU-186) by Pavel/OK1MU, Slavek/OK1TN, Standa/OK1AU, Zdenek/OK1FIA, David/OK1RK, Karel/OK1DG and Vlada/OK1CW. QSL via OK2GZ.
07.04.2007 13.04.2007 TA
  • TA4/DJ6JH
John, DJ6JH. Mainly on 10-20 metres RTTY and PSK31.
21.04.2007 25.04.2007 TA
  • TC57ALAY
To commemorate the 57 Regiment martyrs who lost their lives in Canakkale War in 1915, TA1HZ and TA2RX will be operating from the Gelibolu Peninsula.
01.05.2007 31.05.2007 TA
  • TC100FB
To celebrate the 100th Year of Fenerbahce Sports Club this special call wil be on air by TA1HZ and TA2RX. QSL via TA1HZ.
19.05.2007 19.05.2007 TA
  • TC1919ATA
Members of TRAC Samsun branch will be operating to commemorate the arrival of Mustafa Kemal ATATURK to Samsun on May 19, 1919.
07.06.2007 21.07.2007 TA
  • YM3CC
Mill, LX1CC.
01.06.2007 30.06.2007 TA
  • TC800YOM
This special event station will be activated by TA1HZ and TA2RX to celebrate the 800th Year of Mevlana.
12.06.2007 24.06.2007 TA
  • TA4/GI4FUE
Charlie, GI4FUE.
11.07.2007 15.07.2007 TA
  • TC25SG
TA1FR, TA1HZ and TA2RX will operate a special event station to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Coast Guard Command. QSL via TA1HZ.
27.08.2007 30.08.2007 TA
  • TC25SG
Look for special event station to be on the air to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Turkish Coast Guard Command (Sahil Guvenlik). QSL direct via TA1HZ.
21.11.2007 26.11.2007 TA
  • TA3/LZ1NK
Nikolay, LZ1NK.
15.03.2008 19.03.2008 TA
  • TC18M
A small group of TA amateurs will active this special call to commemorate the 93rd anniversary of the Naval Victory in Gelibolu Wars ( World War I ).
22.04.2008 26.04.2008 TA
  • TC57A
A small group of TA radio amateurs will be on the air from Canakkale - Gelibolu peninsula to commemorate the 57th Regiment Martyrs who lost their lives in World War I. Operation, mainly on 15-17-20-40 meter bands.
30.04.2008 05.05.2008 TA
  • YM0TA
Bogsak Island (AS-123) by Metin/TA1ED (SSB), Nuri/TA3BN (CW) and Arif/TA1EE (digital modes). QSL via TA1ED.
17.05.2008 19.05.2008 TA
  • TC1ATA
A group of turkish radio amateurs OPs will be active from Sile, Istanbul to commemorate the 89 anniversary of Ataturk’s arrival to Samsun and Youth&Sports Day.
07.06.2008 11.06.2008 TA
  • TC0W
Kefken Island (AS-159) by Pavel/TA2ZAF (OK1MU), Slavek/OK1TN and Dan/OK1HRA. QSL via OK2GZ.
31.05.2008 31.05.2008 TA
  • TC40TRT
Tevfik, TA1HZ will be active with a special callsign to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.
06.06.2008 08.06.2008 TA
  • TC1MR
TCSWAT will be on the air from Kirklareli area. The team will operate from the UMKE National Medical Rescue Team’s camp grounds and TA1FR, TA1HZ, TA2DJ, TA2RA, TA2RX, TA2SK and TB2MYE will be the operators.
05.07.2008 06.07.2008 TA
  • TC2YF
TCSWAT will be on the air from Yalova area . The team will operate from the Yalova Plateau Festival camp grounds and TA1HZ and TA2RX will be the operators.
16.08.2008 17.08.2008 TA
  • TC1YLH
Yesilkoy Lighthouse (TUR-055) by TA1HZ and TA2RX.
11.08.2008 01.09.2008 TA
  • TA0/WA2KBZ
Karl, WA2KBZ.
24.09.2008 30.09.2008 TA
  • TC470PDZ
The TCSWAT team will be on the air to commemorate the 470th ann. of Preveze Naval Victory. QSL via TA1HZ .
23.10.2008 02.12.2008 TA
  • TC85TC
TCSWAT will be on the air to celebrate the 85th Anniversary of Republic of TURKIYE. QSL via TA1HZ.
08.11.2008 12.11.2008 TA
  • TC70ATA
TA0U, TA1HZ, TA1ST and TA2RX will be active this special station to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Mustafa Kemal ATATURK’s death. QSL via TA1HZ.
20.12.2008 21.12.2008 TA
  • TC1KLH
Karaburun Lighthouse (TUR-036) by members of TCSWAT.
27.12.2008 28.12.2008 TA
  • TC1KLH
Karaburun Lighthouse (TUR-036) by members of TCSWAT.
19.09.2009 23.09.2009 TA
  • TC3BLH
Balyos Lighthouse by the TCSWAT.
09.10.2009 11.10.2009 TA
  • TC1ELH
Marmara Eregli Lighthouse (TUR059) by TCSWAT.
16.10.2009 18.10.2009 TA
  • TC1IEM
Club members of the TRAC Istanbul Branch (TA1KB) will activate their new club station using the special callsign for the "Istanbul Eurasia Marathon".
16.03.2010 18.03.2010 TA
  • TC18M
A special callsign will be activted to commemorate the Naval Victory of 18 March 1915 by Ahmet, TA3AX. He will be working from Canakkale - the Dardanelles to commemorate the Naval Victory. QSL via TA1HZ.
23.04.2010 25.04.2010 TA
  • TC57A
Special event station will be once more on the air for those who lost their lives during the WWI Campaign in Dardanelles.
15.05.2010 19.05.2010 TA
  • TC07DX
Island of Suluada (AS-115) by Pavel/TA2ZAF (OK1MU), Vlada/OK1CW, Franta/OK1DF, Zdenek/OK1FIA, Slavek/OK1TN, Zdeno/OK2ZW and Honza/OK2ZAW. QSL via OK2GZ.
26.05.2010 30.05.2010 TA
  • TC3WFF
A group of members of the Bulgarian LZ Flora Fauna Club organize a WFF expedition to Turkish Nature Reserve Kuşcenneti (TAFF-022) Asiatic part of Turkey. QSL via LZ44WFF.
12.05.2010 15.05.2010 TA
  • TC3DEU
Special Amateur Radio call sign will be used at the 2nd Electronic Communications Festival, for the second anniversary of the acceptance of Amateur Radio as a lesson at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Vocational High School. A certificate will be sent to the stations who communicates at 5 bands in mixed or single mode. QSL via TA3X.
26.05.2010 30.05.2010 TA
  • TC3WFF
A group of operators from the LZ Flora Fauna Club (LZ44WFF) will be active from the Kuscenneti National Park.
21.05.2010 23.05.2010 TA
  • TC1HLH
Hoskoy Lighthouse will be activated by members of TCSWAT.
01.07.2010 31.07.2010 TA
  • TC90AA
A group of Turkish radio amateurs from TRAC Manisa Branch will be working special callsign to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Anadolu Ajansi. QSL via TA3KO.
15.08.2010 15.08.2010 TA
  • TC3LHW
Izmir Karaburun Sarpincik Lighthouse (TUR-073) by Bekir, TA2RX.
28.08.2010 05.09.2010 TA
  • TC2010WBC
Members of the TCSWAT will activate a special station for the FIBA 2010 World Basketball Championship to be held in Istanbul / Antalya / Kayseri / Ankara.
28.08.2010 30.08.2010 TA
  • TC9KLH
Rize Kizkalesi Lighthouse (TUR-pending) by members TCSWAT and GITRAD.
25.09.2010 26.09.2010 TA
  • TC6CLH
Civa Burnu Lighthouse (TUR-002) by members of TCSWAT and GITRAD.
09.10.2010 10.10.2010 TA
  • TC7YLH
Isikli (Yoroz Burnu) Lighthouse, Trabzon (TUR 010) by TCSWAT and GITRAD (Giresun Amateur Radio Club) in collaboration with Coastal Safety Administration. QSL via bureau or via TA1HZ .
15.10.2010 18.10.2010 TA
  • TC03W
Island of Giresun (AS-154) by Pavel/OK1MU/TA2ZAF, Honza/OK2ZAW and Dan/OK1HRA. QSL via OK2GZ.
24.11.2010 30.11.2010 TA
  • TC3WFF
National Park Kus Cenneti (TAFF-022) by members of "LZ Contest group" and Bulgarian radio club "LZ Flora Fauna". QSL via LZ1ZF.
04.12.2010 05.12.2010 TA
  • TC2LSV
TAMSAT TA Amateur Satellite Club is organising a special event station for LOSEV Children with Leukemia Fund.
14.03.2011 20.03.2011 TA
  • TC18M
TA3AX, TB2MYE, TA1HZ,TA1GE and TA1FR will be working on HF bands to commemorate the Naval Victory of 18 March 1915. QSL via TA1HZ.
25.03.2011 27.03.2011 TA
  • TC7TC
GITRAD and TCSWAT members will be active from Tirebolu Castle and Light.
21.04.2011 24.04.2011 TA
  • TC57A
TCSWAT will be once again on the air from the battlefields of Gallipoli, Canakkale, to commemorate the martyrs of 57th Regiment, who lost their lives in WW1.
30.04.2011 01.05.2011 TA
  • TC7ZLH
Espiye Camburnu (Zefre) Lighthouse (TUR-068) by TCSWAT, in collaboration with GITRAD (Giresun Radio Amateurs and Nature Sports Club).
18.05.2011 20.05.2011 TA
  • TC1919ATA
Special call will be activeted to celebrate the starting of the Turkish Nationalist movement on 19.05.1919. Operators mentioned are Ali/TA6P, Hihat/TA6U, Kadir/TA2IK, Mustafa/TA6RM and Ismail/TA7AO. QSL Managers are TA6P and TA6U.
16.05.2011 22.05.2011 TA
  • TC130ATA
Special call will be on the air to celebrate the 130th birthday/anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The team will consist of Ali/TA7EB, Huseyin/TA7BC, Ammet/TA3AX, Bekir/TA2RX, Onur/TB2MYE and Tevfik/TA1HZ. Their activity will be from Canakkale-Istanbul and Giresun. QSL via TA1HZ.
01.06.2011 06.06.2011 TA
  • TC100HKK
For the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Air Force, TCSWAT will be on the air with a special callsign.
20.07.2011 27.07.2011 TA
  • TC2BK
GITRAD, TRAC Giresun branch and TCSWAT will be on the air to commemorate Bahri Kacan TA2BK-SK, one of the founders of ham radio in Turkiye and former president of TRAC, had passed away 10 years ago. QSL via TA7EB.
23.07.2011 31.07.2011 TA
  • TC100TAF
2011 is the 100th anniversary of Turkish Air Force. In May, TCSWAT was on the air as TC100HKK. For those who missed to have a QSO for the 100th anniversary, TCSWAT will be once more on the air. QSL via TA1HZ.
23.12.2011 26.12.2011 TA
  • TC9SAM
As a part of Turkish Scouting and Guiding Federation's National Conciousness Camp-In Memoriam Allahuekber Martyrs, TA1HZ, TA1GE, TA2AEM and TA1AES will be commemorating the fallen in Sarikamis Campaign of World War I, from the special event station located in Gaziler and Kaynak villlages of Erzurum.
24.07.2012 01.08.2012 ta
  • TB2ZHI/0
  • TA0/HA5BWW
  • TA0/HA5MA
  • TA0/HA7PC
  • TA0/HA8KW
  • TA2RX/0
  • TA7EB/0
  • TA7EM/0
Giresun Island (AS-154) by Pisti/HA5OJ (TB2ZHI/0), Ed/HA5BWW (TA0/HA5BWW), Laci/HA5MA (TA0/HA5MA), Karl/HA7PC (TA0/HA7PC), Feco/HA8KW (TA0/HA8KW), Bekir/TA2RX (TA2RX/0), Ali/TA7EB (TA7EB/0) and Ali/TA7EM (TA7EM/0).
24.05.2012 27.05.2012 TA
  • TA7/R3GM
Dmitry, R3GM.
27.07.2012 29.07.2012 TA
  • TC0KLH
Kefken Island (AS-159) by TCSWAT.
22.09.2012 02.10.2012 TA
  • TA/HA3JB
Gab, HA3JB.
19.11.2013 25.11.2013 TA
  • TA2TX/0
  • TA0/LZ1NK
  • TA0/LZ1CNN
  • TA0/LZ2UW
  • TA0/LZ3YY
  • TA0/LZ3FN
  • TA0/LZ3ND
  • TA0/LZ5VK
Izmir Province IOTA Group (AS-099) by Mustafa/TA2TX, Nick/LZ1NK, Llian/LZ1CNN, Krasi/ LZ2UW, Nasko/LZ3YY, Christo/LZ3FN, Nick/LZ3ND and Vesselin/LZ5VK.
15.06.2014 29.06.2014 TA
  • TA4/UT0UM
Alexey, UT0UM.
10.07.2014 13.07.2014 TA
  • TA0/DF8DX
Buyukada Island (AS-201) by Bodo, DF8DX.
23.11.2014 01.12.2014 TA
  • TC0A
Bozcaada Island (AS-099) by Nick/LZ1NK, Christo/LZ3FN, Plamen/LZ1DCW, Llian/LZ1CNN, Nick/LZ3ND, Nasko/LZ3YY, Yasar/TA3D, Mustafa/TA2TX, Miroslav/LZ1MBU and Krasi/LZ2UW.
05.10.2014 08.10.2014 TA
  • TC0MI
Marmara Island (AS-201) by Metin, TA1ED.
01.01.2015 10.01.2015 TA
  • TC5OCK
Look for special event station to be active from Adana. Activity is to recognize the anniversary of Liberation Day of Adana City (January 5, 1922).
29.03.2015 12.04.2015 TA
  • TA0/DJ4EL
Buyukada Island (AS-201) by Markus, DJ4EL.
01.04.2016 11.04.2016 TA
  • TA0/DL7UCX
Marmara Island (AS-201) by Ben/DL7UCX and Bernd/DL7VBJ.
23.05.2016 25.05.2016 TA
  • TC0TC
Sivriada Island(AS-201) by members of the TRAK Radio Club (YM1KD). QSL via YM1KD.
19.05.2017 21.05.2017 TA
  • TC0M
Kefken Island (AS-159) by Burhan/TA1BX, Erdal/TA2ABC, Mutlu/TA2AWM and Gurel/TA2DX.
07.05.2018 11.05.2018 TA
  • TA0/MM0NDX
  • TA0/IK8LOV
  • TA0/ON9CFG
Buyukada Island (AS-201) by Col/MM0NDX, Max/IK8LOV and Björn/ON9CFG.
18.04.2018 26.04.2018 TA
  • TA0/DL7UCX
  • TA0/DL7VBJ
Marmara Island (AS-201) by Ben/DL7UCX and Bernd/DL7VBJ.
07.05.2018 11.05.2018 TA
  • TC0AX
Buyukada Island (AS-201) by Col/MM0NDX, Max/IK8LOV and Björn/ON9CFG. QSL via M0SDV. 21. October 2018