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SFI: 70 SN: 0
A-Index: 14 K-Index: 1
Updated: 02 Jun 2020 1322 GMT

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Search result for T32 - East Kiribati (Line Is.)

04.03.2020 11.03.2020 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
16.09.2019 24.09.2019 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
16.04.2019 23.04.2019 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
05.12.2018 11.12.2018 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Nobuaki, JA0JHQ.
12.09.2018 01.10.2018 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Uli, DL2AH.
17.04.2018 24.04.2018 T32 Ken, KH6QJ.
05.10.2017 10.10.2017 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
28.06.2017 04.07.2017 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
11.04.2017 18.04.2017 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
01.09.2016 15.09.2016 T32 Kiritimati (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
01.03.2016 16.03.2016 T32 Kiritimati (OC-024) by Stan/AC8W (T32WW), Ted/K8AQM (T32TR), Larry/K8MU (T32MU), Stephen/K8QKY (T32SB), Brian/KG8CO (T32CO), Lee/N8LJ (T32LJ) and Fred/N6FS (T32FS).
28.10.2015 03.11.2015 T32 Kiritimati (OC-024) by Bill/KH6OO, Will/W0ZRJ and John/N0PJV.
03.06.2015 08.06.2015 T32 Kiritimati (OC-024) by Ken, KH6QJ.
22.01.2015 09.02.2015 T32 Kiritimati (OC-024) by Richard, AD7AF.
25.03.2014 02.04.2014 T32 Christmas Island (OC-024) by Tim, NL8F.
03.12.2013 11.12.2013 T32 Christmas Island (OC-084) by Tim/NL8F, Dick/N7RO, Dean/KW7XX, David/AH6HY and Paula/NX1P.
27.11.2013 11.12.2013 T32 Tim, NL8F.
17.01.2012 02.02.2012 T32 Kiritimati Island (OC-024) by Dave/VO1AU, Brian/KG8CO, Lee/N8LJ, Ted/K8AQM, Jim/KB8TXZ and Stan/AC8W. QSL T32AU via VO1MX, T32LJ via K8ESQ and the rest via KB8TXZ.
28.09.2011 29.10.2011 T32 Five Star DXers Association organized by Five Star DXers Association.
17.08.2011 24.08.2011 T32 Christmas Island (OC-024) by Giovanni, I5JHW.
20.01.2010 26.01.2010 T32 Christmas Island (OC-024) by Don, G3BJ.
22.12.2008 30.12.2008 T32 Christmas Island (OC-024) by Toshi, JA8BMK.
23.10.2008 28.10.2008 T32 Tom/NY0V and Rod/K0DAS. QSL T32CXX via W0CXX and T32DAS via K0DAS.
27.05.2008 03.06.2008 T32 Haru, JA1XGI.
12.02.2008 26.02.2008 T32 Christmas Island (OC-024) by Bill/N7OU and Bob/W7YAQ.
10.10.2006 20.10.2006 T32 Christmas Island (OC-024). QSL via K3PD.
03.10.2006 10.10.2006 T32 KE5EUL and WB6NDA.
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