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SFI: 70 SN: 13
A-Index: 4 K-Index: 1
Updated: 06 Jun 2020 1445 GMT

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28.10.2019 22.11.2019 SU Members of the Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society For Development (ERASD) will be active from Sharm el Sheikh during the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-2019). QSL via OH2BH.
13.06.2014 20.06.2014 SU Nelson's Island (AF-109) by members of the ERASD (The Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society For Development).
03.05.2013 10.05.2013 SU Geziret Disuqi (AF-109) by Said/SU1SK, Ateff/SU1AO, Hossam/SU1HM and Ayman/SU1AR.
14.01.2013 08.02.2013 SU Gerd, DJ5IW.
24.08.2012 02.09.2012 SU Members of the Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society (ERASD) will activate special event station from Abu Quear, Alexandria. Activity is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Arab Scouts Radio Camp". Operators mentioned are Said/SU1SK, Atef/SU1AO and Ayman/SU1AR. QSL via SM5AQD.
20.11.2011 29.11.2011 SU Gab, HA3JB.
01.08.2009 09.08.2009 SU Greiss/SU1GS, Mohamed/SU1AO and Said/SU1SK will actived a Egyptian lighthouse on Ras El-Bar Island (Not IOTA). QSL via SU1SK.
11.03.2008 19.03.2008 SU Mustapha, DL1BDF, will be active from the Egyptian Amateur Radio Assembly ARC (EARA) station, SU0ARA, in Cairo. QSL via SU1KM.
14.04.2007 17.04.2007 SU This special event station will be activated for the Regional Conference on "Disaster: Relief and Management" to be held in Alexandria, Egypt. QSL via SU1KM (direct only).
03.03.2007 12.03.2007 SU By members of the German Lufthansa ARS.
20.06.2006 01.07.2006 SU White Rock (Norus) Island (AF-099) by Said, SU1SK. QSL only direct.
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