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SFI: 69 SN: 0
A-Index: 4 K-Index: 0
Updated: 30 May 2020 0632 GMT

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Search result for S9 - Sao Tome & Principe

06.06.2019 18.06.2019 S9 Sao Tome Island (AF-023) by Jose/EA1ACP, Charly/EA1DVY, Pedro/EA5BJ, Gen/EA5EL, Francisco/EA7FTR, David/EB7DX and Helio/S92HP. QSL via EB7DX.
24.10.2018 29.10.2018 S9 Principe Island (AF-044) by Jorge, CT1BOL.
01.06.2018 09.06.2018 S9 Sao Tome Island (AF-023) by David, EB7DX.
12.10.2017 21.10.2017 S9 Jose, EA5IDQ.
01.10.2017 12.10.2017 S9 Sao Tome (AF-023) by Dieter/DL1AWD, Hans/DL1AOB, Rocco/DG5AA, Rich/DK8YY and Lu/DL8ALU. QSL via DH7WW
30.09.2017 06.10.2017 S9 Rolas Islet (AF-023) by Jorge, CT1BOL.
08.10.2016 23.10.2016 S9 Sao Tome (AF-023) by Peter/DL1RPL, Soeren/DL3RKS, Dieter/DL1AWD, Hans/DL1AOB, Rocco/DG5AA and Rich/DK8YY.
26.09.2016 01.10.2016 S9 Ilhu das Rolas (AF-023) by Josep/EA3BT and Nuria/EA3WL.
28.02.2016 25.03.2016 S9 Sao Tome (AF-023) by Bruno, HB9BEI.
01.02.2014 13.02.2014 S9 Principe Island (AF-044) by Giovanni/IK5BCM, Giuseppe/IK5CBE and Giovanni/IK5CRH. QSL via IK5CRH.
16.03.2012 23.03.2012 S9 Ilheu das Rolas (AF-023) by Matt/K0KKO and Ed/K0GUV.
07.02.2011 17.02.2011 S9 Ulli/DD2ML, Jurgen/DF1AL, Klaus- Dieter/DK1AX, Rene/DL2JRM, Rolf/DL7VEE, Sid/DM2AYO and Harry/DM5TI. QSL via DL1RTL.
13.06.2009 27.06.2009 S9 Georg, DK7LX.
27.03.2008 02.04.2008 S9 Sao Tome (AF-023) by Luciano, CT1HHP.
26.02.2007 07.03.2007 S9 Luciano, CT1HHP.
19.03.2006 26.03.2006 S9 Frank, F4BQO. He will be active every morning between 0800-1000z and every afternoon starting around 1700z, on 20/15/10 meters CW/SSB.
18.01.2006 28.01.2006 S9 Ilheu das Rolas (AF-023) by Jose/CT1APE and Filipe/CT2GLO. QSL via CT1APE.
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