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17.07.2018 14.08.2018 OH Kirkonmaa Island (EU-140) by members of the Radioclub Riihimaen Kolmoset (OH3AD).
16.08.2014 17.08.2014 OH Lovo Island (EU-096) by Markus/OH1MN and Janne/OH1SDR. QSL via OH1MN.
28.05.2014 29.05.2014 OH Bjorkon Island (EU-101) by Klaus/DL7UXG and Ric/DL2VFR.
11.04.2014 15.04.2014 OH Hailuoto Island (EU-184) by Jukka, OH3OJ.
04.08.2013 04.08.2013 OH Hailuoto Island (EU-184) by Mec/SP7VC and Kasia/SQ7OYL.
03.08.2013 03.08.2013 OH Borsskar Island (EU-101) by Mec/SP7VC and Kasia/SQ7OYL.
02.08.2013 02.08.2013 OH Anttoora Island (EU-173) by Mec/SP7VC and Kasia/SQ7OYL.
30.07.2013 31.07.2013 OH Orslandet (EU-097) by Mec/SP7VC and Kasia/SQ7OYL.
25.07.2013 31.07.2013 OH Kaunissaari Island (EU-140) by Jari, OH1JO and Juha, OH1LEG. QSL via OH1JO.
16.06.2013 19.06.2013 OH Bjorkon Island (EU-101) by Thomas/SM3DMP and Jan/SM3CER.
27.07.2011 04.08.2011 OH Kaunissaari Island (EU-140) by Jari, OH1JO.
18.07.2011 10.08.2011 OH Emsalo Island (EU-097) by Ian, G4FSU.
20.08.2010 22.08.2010 OH Vormo Island (EU-097, OHC208 Inkoo) by Jari/OH1BOI, Kalle/OH1FEQ and Hannu/OH1JJO. QSL via OH1BOI.
19.08.2010 22.08.2010 OH Syväletto Island (EU-126) by Rug (DJ3XG) and Mario (DL5ME).
23.07.2010 01.08.2010 OH Kaunissaari Island (EU-140) by Jari/OH1JO and Juha/OH1LEG. QSL via OH1JO.
13.05.2010 17.05.2010 OH Hailuoto Island (EU-184) by members of the University of Oulu Radio Club (OH8TA).
19.08.2009 19.08.2009 OH Lappi Province Group (EU-126) by Mario, DL5ME.
21.07.2009 16.08.2009 OH Emasalo Emsalo Island (EU-097) by Ian, G4FSU.
15.05.2009 15.05.2009 OH Members of "The Club of Fives RY" (OH5AA) will be active from the library of Kotka. Activity is to celebrate 150th anniversary of the birthday of Alexander Popov - a remarkable person in Finnish radio history. QSL via OH5VX.
26.12.2008 30.12.2008 OH Kustavi Island (EU-096) by Jouni/OH4KZM and Jukka/OH4MFA. QSL via OH4MFA.
05.06.2008 08.05.2008 OH Emsalo Island (EU-097) by DL5ME and DG3HWO.
20.05.2008 21.05.2008 OH Kuuskajaskari (EU-173) by Kent, SM5ELV.
07.06.2007 13.06.2007 OH Houtskaer Island (EU-096) by Joern, DG5XJ.
11.05.2007 13.05.2007 OH This activity is to celebrate the "Eurovision Song Contest" which wil be held in Helsinki on May 12th. Two YL operators (Anne/OH2YL and Annika/OH2HSJ) will be active on HF bands. They will use mostly SSB with some CW. QSL OH2HSJ.
25.04.2007 29.04.2007 OH Parainen Island (EU-096) by Andy/IZ0EHO, Vincenzo/IZ0FKE, Simone/IZ0BTV, and Markus/OH1MN. QSL via OH10TA (QRZ.com).
25.04.2007 29.04.2007 OH Parainen Island (EU-096) by Markus/OH1MN, Peter/OH0JFB, Jourko/OH1RX, Andrea/IZ0EHO, Vincenzo/IZ0FKE, Simone/IZ0BTV and Matteo/IW0HJH. QSL via IZ0EHO.
21.04.2007 22.04.2007 OH Parainen or Nauvo Island (EU-096) by a group of Swedish operators. QSL via OH3BHL.
20.04.2007 22.04.2007 OH Hailuoto Island (EU-184) by OH8GZQ, OH8GZN, OH8WM, OH8HWI, OH8HQL and others. QSL via OH8TA.
29.07.2006 04.08.2006 OH Houtskar/Mossala Island (EU-096) by Joern, DG5XJ.
05.07.2006 10.07.2006 OH Kaunissaari (EU-140) by OH6HJE, OH6MTG, OH6NJ and OH6UV.
22.03.2006 29.03.2006 OH Korpo Island (EU-096) by Rico, DL2VFR.
22.03.2006 29.03.2006 OH Korppoo Island (EU-096) by Ric/DL2VFR.
22.03.2006 29.03.2006 OH Korppoo Island (EU-096) by Frank/DL2SWW.
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