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A-Index: 4 K-Index: 0
Updated: 30 May 2020 0440 GMT

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Search result for KP4 - Puerto Rico

09.03.2020 13.03.2020 KP4 Vieques Island (NA-249) by David, KN4ZKT.
31.01.2020 05.02.2020 KP4 Vieques Island (NA-249) by Mike, VE7ACN.
22.02.2019 24.02.2019 KP4 Culebra Island (NA-249) by members of the Radio Operadores del Este (RODE). QSL via EA5GL.
24.10.2018 29.10.2018 KP4 Brian, ND3F.
29.12.2012 31.12.2012 KP4 David, K3LP.
18.12.2012 22.12.2012 KP4 David, K3LP.
22.04.2012 04.05.2012 KP4 Jeff, VA3QSL.
05.11.2011 19.11.2011 KP4 Puerto Rico's coat of arms was granted by the Spanish Crown in 1511, which makes it the oldest currently used in the Americas. Celebrating this 500th anniversary, the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League (www.prarl.org) will operate special event station. QSL via KP4ES (direct).
05.07.2010 01.08.2010 KP4 Members of the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League (PRARL) will activate a special event station to celebrate the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games that will take place in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (NA-099, USi PR006S, WLOTA LH-2802). QSL direct to KP4ES.
14.08.2009 23.08.2009 KP4 Members of the Caribbean Amateur Radio Group (WP4CRG) will be active from the Arecibo Lighthouse (ARLHS PUR-001, TWLHD WLH KP4-001), Puerto Rico (NA-099, USI PR-006S, WLOTA 2802).
08.04.2006 17.04.2006 KP4 Frank, K3TRM.
18.02.2006 19.02.2006 kp4 Puerto Rico ARRL DX-CW SOABLP QSL W3HNK
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