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A-Index: 4 K-Index: 0
Updated: 30 May 2020 0411 GMT

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01.09.2019 05.09.2019 ES Saaremaa Island (EU-034) by Ari, OH3KAV.
17.08.2017 21.08.2017 ES Hiiumaa Island (EU-034) by Pasi/OH2MZB and Simo/OH2HAN. QSL via OH2HAN.
15.08.2017 31.08.2017 ES Osmussaar Island (EU-034, ESFF-0264,ARLHS EST-009) by Eugene, RX3AMI.
29.05.2014 01.06.2014 ES Hiiumaa Island (EU-034, WLOTA 2017, WWFF ESFF-045) by Jaakko/OG1J, Kari/OH3BJL, Keijo/OH3HPV, Ari/OH3KAV and Veikko/OH3LB. QSL via OI3V.
17.10.2013 22.10.2013 ES Hiiumaa Island (EU-034) by Simo, OH2HAN.
24.07.2013 29.07.2013 ES Kihnu Island (EU-178) by Juri, ES5GP.
26.07.2012 30.07.2012 ES Ruhnu Island (EU-178) by Dominik/SQ7OXU, Constantin/RD1AR, Sergey/UA1ANA and Jack/SP7DPJ. QSL via SP7DPJ.
25.07.2012 30.07.2012 ES Kihnu Island (EU-178) by Juri, ES5GP.
08.07.2012 19.07.2012 ES Saaremaa Island (EU-034, WLOTA 1401) by Frank, DL1FT.
24.07.2010 30.07.2010 ES Hiiumaa Island (EU-034) by Juri, ES5GP.
15.06.2009 22.06.2009 ES Kihnu Island (EU-178) by Uwe, DL3BQA.
08.07.2008 18.07.2008 ES Saaremaa Island (EU-034, WLOTA LH-1401) by Frank, DL1FT.
11.07.2007 21.07.2007 ES Saaremaa Island (EU-034) by Frank, DL1FT.
21.07.2006 03.08.2006 ES Island of Saaremaa (EU-034) by Rolf, DK2ZF.
04.07.2006 14.07.2006 ES Saaremaa Island (EU-034, WLOTA LH-1401) by Frank, DL1FT.
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