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SFI: 70 SN: 0
A-Index: 14 K-Index: 1
Updated: 02 Jun 2020 1313 GMT

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15.02.2020 16.02.2020 CE Chiloe Island (SA-018) and Punta Corona Lighthouse (CHI-013) by members of the Radio Club Melipulli (CE7RCM). QSL direct via CE7RCM.
03.02.2020 05.02.2020 CE Alejandro Selkirk Island (SA-101) by Nando/IT9YRE and Mike/K9AJ.
18.10.2019 20.10.2019 CE Pajaros Rocks (SA-100) by Diego/CA1DBD, Fernando/CA1FCS, Juan/CE1DN, Sergio/CE3WW, Zoli/HA1AG, Nando/IT9YRE, Carlo/XQ1CR, Claudio/XQ1FM and Danilo/XQ4CW.
24.04.2017 30.04.2017 CE A team of seven operators will be active from the mining town of Sewell, a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated at 2,000m a.s.l. in the Andes. QSL via XQ4NUA.
08.03.2017 13.03.2017 CE Mocha Island (SA-061) by Claudio/LU7DW, Marcos/CE6VMO, Richard/LU1YW, Martín/LU3VMS, Rafa/LU7VCH, Sergio/LU7YS and Alex/LU8VCC. QSL via IK2DUW.
10.01.2017 17.01.2017 CE Ascension Island (SA-043) by Doming/CE1DY, Mau/CE7KF, Marco/CE1TBN, Cesar/CA5GRF and Bruno/CE7PGO. QSL via CE3OP.
04.11.2016 11.11.2016 CE Mocha Island (SA-061) by Alejandro/CE6SAX, Marcos/CE6VMO, Sergio/LU7YS, Carlos/ LU1YT, Frank/LU7YWC, Claudio/LU7DW and Fernando/LW2DX. QSL via CE6TC.
14.06.2016 18.06.2016 CE Pajaros Rocks (SA-100) by Nando/IT9YRE and Claudio/I1SNW.
01.02.2016 06.02.2016 CE Cape Horn Island (SA-031, CHI-006, WLOTA LH2320) by Dagoberto, CE5COX. QSL via CE5JA.
29.01.2016 31.01.2016 CE Cape Horn Island (SA-031, CHI-006, WLOTA LH2320) by Dagoberto, CE5COX. Special activation for the Anniversary of the Discovery of Cape Horn (1616-2016). QSL via CE3AA.
15.08.2015 16.08.2015 CE Chiloe Island (SA-018) and Punta Corona Lighthouse (CHI-013) by Mau/CE7KF, Rodrigo/CE4KCA and Bruno/CE7PGO. QSL via CE7PGO.
11.06.2015 04.07.2015 CE Special callsign for the Chilean Pacific DX Group to celebrate the 44th edition of the Copa America, the main football tournament for national teams in South America, that will be held in Chile from 11 June to 4 July. QSL via CE3TKV.
06.12.2014 07.12.2014 CE Quiriquina Island (SA-070) by members of the Radio Club de Concepción (CE5JA). QSL via CE5JA.
04.11.2014 10.11.2014 CE Mocha Island (SA-061) by Mark/LU7CAW and Martin/LU9EFO.
08.10.2014 12.10.2014 CE Damas Island (SA-086, WLOTA-0029) by Nicolas/XQ1KZ, Dercel/CE3KHZ, Danilo/XQ4CW, Julio/CE3OP, Domingo/CE1DY, Juan/CE3RBJ, Marco/CE1TBN, Pablo/CE1UMY and Christian/CE3TAM. QSL via CE3OP.
09.07.2014 12.07.2014 CE Mal, VK6LC.
26.06.2014 29.06.2014 CE Mal, VK6LC.
23.02.2014 28.02.2014 CE Guafo Island (SA-018) by members of the "Radio Club Provincial Llanquihue" (CE7LL).
02.01.2014 30.01.2014 CE Bob, YV5IAL.
23.03.2013 24.03.2013 CE Navarino Island (SA-050, WAP CHL-13) by José, CE8DMT.
20.02.2013 24.02.2013 CE Puerto Aldea Lighthouse (NAC 133, ARLHS CHI-110, Admiralty G1896.20) by Manuel, CE2UNE.
10.10.2012 22.10.2012 CE Robert, SQ1DWR.
14.09.2012 20.09.2012 CE Luis, CX1EK.
17.03.2012 25.03.2012 CE Esteban, XQ7UP, will be active from Coyhaique (Patagonia).
18.02.2012 20.02.2012 CE Huichas Island (SA-064) by Marco, CE1TBN.
20.11.2011 23.11.2011 CE Pupuya Island (SA-095) by Cezar/VE3LYC and Dino/CE3PG. QSL via VE3LYC.
25.02.2011 27.02.2011 CE Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico (ARLHS CHI-079) by Hector, CE3FZL.
25.02.2011 27.02.2011 CE Punta Tetas Lighthouse (ARLHS CHI-075) by members of the Team DX Scorpions. QSL via CE1WNR.
20.08.2010 22.08.2010 CE Punta Tetas (ARLHS CHI-075) by Ismael, CE1TUW and several other operators. QSL via CE1WNR.
26.02.2010 28.02.2010 CE Punta Angeles Lighthouse (ARLHS- CHI-001) by Hector/CE3FZL, Ricardo/CE3HDI Hugo/CE3BBC, Cristian/CE3PCN and Esteban/XQ7UP.
28.01.2009 04.02.2009 CE Santa Maria Island's (SA-070, DICE ICE-502) lighthouse (ARLHS CHI-027, TWLHD WLH CE-038, WLOTA LH-0543, Admiralty G1764) by members of the "3 Stars DX Group". The operators mentioned are: Didier/F6DXE, Christophe/F0ELI, Andre/F0ELK, Elsa/LU1EJ, Esteban/XQ7UP, Ricardo/CE3HDI, Carlos/CE6AMN, Carlos/CE6UFF and Irma/CA6UTF. QSL via CE6AMN.
11.01.2009 25.01.2009 CE Special event station will be active for the 27th Raid Atacama Desert Trophy. QSL via CE6TBN.
09.02.2008 12.02.2008 CE Wager Island (SA-053) by Marco/CE6TBN, Zoli/HA1AG, Yuri/RA0FU and Vladimir/RV1CC. QSL via HA1AG.
04.02.2008 06.02.2008 CE Ascension Island (SA-043) by Marco/CE6TBN, Zoli/HA1AG, Yuri/RA0FU and Vladimir/RV1CC. QSL via HA1AG.
17.08.2007 19.08.2007 CE Topocalma lighthouse (ARLHS CHI-076) by Sergio, CE3CMZ and Hector, CE3FZL. QSL via EA5KB.
29.01.2007 05.02.2007 CE Punta Corona (ARLHS CHI-013) on Chiloe Island (SA-018) by Carlos, CE6AMN, CE3HDI, CE6UFF, CE6UFY, CE6UZL, LU1EJ and XQ3SA). QSL via CE6AMN.
08.12.2006 10.12.2006 CE Navarino Islands (SA-050) by Oscar, LU1XS.
08.04.2006 09.04.2006 CE Pupuya Island (IOTA SA-NEW) by CE6TBN and HA1AG.
08.02.2006 10.02.2006 CE Santa Maria Island (SA-070, DICE ICE-502, WLOTA LH-0543) - Operators Mario/CE6NE and Marco/CE6TBN. QSL via CE6NE.
01.02.2006 05.02.2006 CE Insel Mocha (SA-061, ARLHS CHI-024, WLOTA LH-0684) - Carlos, CE6AMN.
15.01.2006 18.01.2006 CE Salvatore, IZ8CLM.
14.01.2006 15.01.2006 CE Marco, CE6TBN, will be active from Las Huichas Island (SA-046, DICE ICE-705).
06.12.2005 13.12.2005 ce Chile by Svein, LA6IKA
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