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SFI: 70 SN: 0
A-Index: 4 K-Index: 1
Updated: 06 Jun 2020 0158 GMT

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06.03.2018 13.03.2018 1S
08.05.2016 15.05.2016 1S James/9V1YC and Chris/ZS6EZ.
19.04.2016 29.04.2016 1S Layang Layang Island (AS-051) by Michael, DF8AN.
09.04.2016 09.04.2016 1S
Pulau Layang Layang Island (AS-051) by Pekka/OH2YY and Pekka/OH1TV.
14.04.2015 20.04.2015 1S Pagasa Island (AS-051) by DU1BP, WA6LOS , WE6DX , WJ1P , WW6CP, DU1JM, DU2BOQ, DU3KWM and DU7RJA. QSL via WA6LOS.
10.03.2013 18.03.2013 1S Spratly Islands (AS-051) by John/9M6XRO, Steve/9M6DXX, James/9V1YC, Ben/DJ0YI/N6MUF, Don/G3BJ, Christian/EA3NT and Tony/KM0O.
07.08.2012 13.08.2012 1S Spratly Islands (AS-051) by John/9M6XRO and Steve/9M6DXX.
10.04.2012 24.04.2012 1S Pulau Layang Layang Island (AS-051) by members of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (MARTS) and the 9M4SDX Team.
06.01.2011 01.02.2011 1S By 37 operators from 15 countries.
22.03.2008 30.03.2008 1S Spratly Islands (AS-051) by Ed/N1UR and his xyl Christine/KB1PQN.
10.03.2007 20.03.2007 1S Layang Layang (AS-051) by a large group of operators from Japan (JA1OCZ, JE1CKA, JF1PJK, JK1FNL, JR1AIB, JJ2VLY, JQ2GYU and JR7TEQ) and Malaysia (9M2CF, 9M2KT, 9M2TO, 9M2/JH3GCN and 9M8YY). QSL via 9M2TO.
01.02.2007 14.02.2007 1S Members of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) will be active from the Kalayaan Island Group (AS-051). QSL via JA1HGY.
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