Solar Terrestrial Data

SFI: 166 SN: 259
A-Index: 15 K-Index: 3
Updated: 20 Apr 2014 0542 GMT

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Weekly DX Report 21.04.2014 - 27.04.2014

15.04.2014 22.04.2014 5T Jean/ON8RA and members of the "Grupo Juizforano de CW" (CWJF). QSL via PY4WAS.
22.04.2014 01.05.2014 7P Marco/HB9OCR (7P8MH), Charles/K5LBU (7P8CF), Sanford/K5YY (7P8YY), Richard/K9APW (7P8RL), Joel/N5JR (7P8JR), Chris/G8APB (7P8CP) and Roger/ZS6RJ (7P8RJ).
05.04.2014 30.04.2014 A2 Schalk, ZS1LL.
19.04.2014 25.04.2014 D4 Sal Island (AF-086) by Jörg, DL3LUM.
21.04.2014 25.04.2014 GM Isle of Canna (EU-008, IOSA NH01, SCOTIA DI21, WAB NG20) by members of the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club.
26.04.2014 03.05.2014 GM Isle of Lewis (EU-010, IOSA OH01, SCOTIA HI21, WLOTA 1477) by members of the Camb-Hams. QSL via M1ACB.
18.04.2014 25.04.2014 HK0 San Andres Island (NA-033) by Tim, LW9EOC.
19.04.2014 24.04.2014 HK0 San Andres Island (NA-033) by Luis/HK3LEC, Jilmer/HK3UAV, Will/HK4IKL, Julio/HK5WUI, Ernesto/HK7IPT and Jorge/HK7JA. QSL via HK7IPT.
13.04.2014 23.04.2014 J8 Palm Island (NA-025) by Brian, GW4DVB.
27.04.2014 11.05.2014 JD/O Chichijima Island (AS-031) by Harry, JG7PSJ.
27.04.2014 05.05.2014 JD/O Chichijima Island (AS-031) by Makoto, JI5RPT.
15.04.2014 25.04.2014 S7 Seychelles (AF-024) by Pascal/F5JSD.
06.04.2014 24.04.2014 S7 Seychelles (AF-024) by Wolfgang/OE1MWW. Between 12. – 19. April 2014 maritime mobile on MS Pegasus around the Seychelles Islands.
24.04.2014 30.04.2014 SV9 Seppo, OH1VR.
25.04.2014 01.05.2014 TK Alex, IW5ELA.
24.04.2014 29.04.2014 V4 Mike, DF8AN.
25.04.2014 26.04.2014 VK Bare Island by members of the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia.
16.04.2014 24.04.2014 VP2M Mike, DF8AN.
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